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Sammi, the mom of one toddler, one dog, and two bunnies, has been practicing pole since 2017 and became a Dakini instructor in 2021. She was “naturally inflexible” when she first started and trained for years to develop the flexibility she now enjoys. Because of this, she loves teaching flexibility classes, pole-assisted handstands and spins on a technical level. She would eventually love to adopt more animals, but her toddler is the wildest one of the bunch!


Corinne has been teaching Pole since 2022. She teaches Foundation classes and Dynamic Stretch to help women reconnect with the fire inside them through movement. A voracious reader and life-long learner, you can find her outside the studio equally happy on nature hikes and exploring art galleries.


Scottie has always been a dancer, earning a minor in dance from Old Dominion University. In 2021, she decided to enter her BAD BISH era and start pole dancing. One year into her practice, she competed in the 2022 PSO and took the gold in Level Three Exotic! Becoming an instructor meant bringing her smile, sass, and storytelling skills to the other students; “All females need that confidence every day. That’s what I teach.” When she’s not teaching her students how to be confident go-getters both on and off the pole, Scottie enjoys sipping wine with her dogs and plants

Cris started at Dakini in 2017 and began teaching in 2021. “From the beginning, I loved how it’s a workout, but it feels like dancing with your friends! Pole dance also changes your relationship with your body, learning to appreciate abilities and challenge old ideas about your limitations.” Cris loves her two dogs, teaching new students, and can’t wait to meet you!

Arie has always been an athletic dancer. When she discovered pole dancing at 18, it was the perfect outlet to express her femininity, train her strength, and challenge her abilities beyond what weight training and yoga could offer. A cancer survivor in her mid-20s, Arie has spent the last two years teaching pole, earning a degree in medicine, and doing solo tours of Europe. She loves teaching both flow and tech classes and challenges her students to push themselves outside their comfort zones.

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If you walk into the studio and hear dark, futuristic beats, it’s probably Ally warming up before class. Starting life as a gymnast and contemporary dancer, Ally is now a holistic cannabis industry professional by day, and feral freestyler by night. She incorporates conditioning work into her classes, along with plenty of choreography to introduce new movement patterns to the body, but she doesn’t want students just following along. “I encourage all students to work their weird and embrace their primal self through movement

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Jess has been pole dancing intermittently since 2011 and started teaching in 2021. Being both a Boy Mom and a Dog Mom, she focuses more on the release from stress and the gradual build-up of strength and self-confidence that pole dancing offers other busy women. Jess works with acrylics, painting, woodworking, and crocheting when she’s not teaching.

Amber started pole dancing in 2019; not even a pandemic could keep her away! She started teaching in 2020 and still loves teaching new and aspiring dancers through the early days of their pole experience. Amber knows firsthand how hard it can be to start something new and challenging; her resilience is hard-won through years of personal and professional development. That’s why she repeatedly focuses on basics done well and encourages everyone to keep coming back. You can find her in her favorite Foundations class or singing karaoke like the queen she is.

Palina, a licensed realtor, and former competetive dancer, is a certified yoga instructor in the Warren studio. She started taking pole classes at Dakini in 2021, bringing elements of hip hop, jazz, and disco to her style, and joyfully took to the stage at the July 2023 PSO Liberty in Philadelphia. Originally from Belarus, Palina loves dancing, traveling, architecture, design, and fashion. She is looking forward to getting her pole dance teaching certification soon.

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Desireé began her pole journey in 2013 at Dakini and began teaching in 2021. She has a background in ballet and lyrical dance and was a competitive cheerleader throughout high school, but her “pocket dance style” is best described as slow, sensual, and intentional. She placed 1st and 2nd at her first PSO Atlantic competitions and continues to evolve her style with a healthy dose of strength and conditioning in every class. Desireé is also a mama bear to her daughter, Rhythm. “Seeing the confidence build in my pole sisters is a reward like no other.

For many years of my life, I didn’t have any confidence or trust in myself. Through dance, I discovered my strength and my movement and learned to be comfortable in my body. I dance because it gives me confidence and lets me express parts of myself I didn’t know before. 


Jeanine Caparoso is a passionate and lifelong student of many different styles of dance and yoga. Jeanine was an instructor for the renowned pole fitness company, S Factor, where she studied the art of pole dancing, but she began learning about the Dakini (sky dancer) as a yoga instructor. Inspired by the ancient texts that speak of the power of feminine energy, she created Dakini Sensual Movement in 2010. Soon after, She opened the first Dakini Movement Studio in Warren, NJ. Jeanine developed Dakini Sensual Movement as a way to share the empowerment of sensual movement and has helped scores of women celebrate their femininity in a fun, safe, and empowering way.

Michelle W

Mom of two and married to “the most patient man on earth,” started her pole journey at 40 because she wanted to do something “crazy, different, and exciting!” Michelle loves teaching free dance and power moves, incorporating her love for all things dance – Bollywood, jazz, contemporary.  She says, “The community is super supportive, and the mirror-free environment is amazing! As a dancer, I thought I’d hate it. But it actually allows you a different experience: to dance for the joy of dancing and to dance for yourself.

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