The Ayesha workshop is a 90-minute workshop that explores different versions of Ayesha & Ayesha Handspring techniques including split grip, twisted grip and elbow grips. It will go over other inversions that lead to Ayesha as well. If you are working towards Polecat or Butterfly, this is also a great workshop to firm up those skills which are needed for Ayesha. The only requirement is a basic invert. 

This workshop is being taught by our own teacher Ally. Ally is a strong woman and a beautifully feral freestyle dancer. She incorporates conditioning work into her classes, along with plenty of choreography to introduce new movement patterns to the body, but she doesn’t want students just following along. “I encourage all students to work their weird and embrace their primal self through movement.” Check out Ally’s Insta to get to know her style a little more.

Please sign up before all the Spots are gone!

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